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Fully integrated manufacturing

Flowject designs and executes complete industrial automation and MOM/MES projects, big or small, fully integrated. 

Our main focus is on future-proof solutions for flexible manufacturing, with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage, dairy, oil and gas and other industry sectors, all over the world.

ERP interfacing, business logic, PLC commissioning, and everything in between.

Agile, yet structured and compliant

Our projects are executed in a well structured manner, but with an agile approach. This way we make sure you end up with a quality solution fulfilling your expectations.

After initial analysis, we start design and implementation almost simultaneously, with short sprints and demos to ensure a quick feedback loop. Everything is well documented and validated according to the V-model before going in production, making GAMP5 and other compliance requirements no issue. After commissioning, of course we offer our continued support.

All our software is properly versioned using well-known version control systems such as git, and documented extensively.

Open protocols and industry standards

We strongly believe in industry standards and open protocols and use ISA standards and design patterns as the basis for every project. We remain vendor agnostic, allowing us to think outside the box and always offer the best solution for every customer.

We do have non-exclusive partnerships with certain vendors, because we really believe in their product and philosophy. On top of these vendor products, we built a Flowject project library so we can offer a ready-to-go, fully integrated solution right away.

Our solutions are modular and based on open communication protocols such as OPC UA and MQTT, this way we avoid vendor lock-in and allow for easy communication and extensibility.

Core expertise

Today, a well-structured MES system might be the most important tool to take advantage of digital technologies in a manufacturing company.

MES bridges the gap between your business systems and manufacturing process. Automatically executing work orders, real-time performance metrics, material tracking, traceability and genealogy of produced lots, operator guidance, electronic batch records and signatures, the list goes on.

More than just an HMI.

A SCADA system gives you an interface to monitor and control your production process in real-time by gathering data from both field devices and MES systems and aggregating this into a functional user interface. It also includes logging of historical data, audit trails and alarms for compliance and analytics purposes and makes sure only users with appropriate rights and at the right physical location are allowed to perform certain tasks.

A good SCADA system should be the go-to interface for operators and maintenance staff at the production line. Our SCADA solutions include high performance HMI’s as specified in the ISA101 standard, integrated with the rest of the stack enabling the operators to run the production process as efficiently as possible.

As a robust and powerful controller the PLC is the beating heart of the controls system. Connected with devices and sensors in the field as well as the software systems above, it provides an easy and reliable way to achieve complex and time-critical controls of your processes.

We are able to work with most PLC vendors and make sure your controls software is scalable and easy to migrate to other systems if needed. We achieve this by a modular software structure following the S88/NS88 design patterns and by using only the languages specified in the IEC 61131-3 standard.

Across these layers, we always start from industry standards such as ISA95 and ISA88 to model your plant, and use standard and open communication protocols to make connections.  This way you avoid vendor lock-in and end up with a solution that is flexible and easy to validate, maintain and scale. 

Beyond our core expertise we like thinking outside the box and assessing each project individually to find the best solution for your needs.

We constantly keep learning and exploring new technologies that can be of added value.

Our mission

Making your operations efficient and future-proof

Manual actions and paper records cost a lot of time and introduce errors into your operations. With today’s technologies, a lot of this can be eliminated.

Equally important as optimizing today’s operations though, is making sure they are scalable and future-proof.

A fancy new system quickly becomes a pain when not implemented correctly. You risk ending up with a system that’s impossible to maintain and expand in the future.
Some reasons are poor version management, lacking vendor and community support, a license model that doesn’t scale, incompatibility with other systems, the list goes on.

It is our mission to help you make your operations as efficient as possible today, while making sure you are ready for anything in the future. 

Our service model: 100% transparency

The right approach for every project

Fixed price

Fixed price projects

Need someone to take care of a project from A to Z without budget stress? We offer fixed price contracts with clear targets, deliverables and milestone-based invoicing.

Custom price

We calculate the best price for your individual project. Get in touch to receive a no-strings-attached quote.
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Project consulting

Hourly rate projects and staffing

Variable project scope or short staffed on a regular basis? We offer flexible contracts where you pay by the hour, 100% transparant.


One flat rate for every hour of our time. Minimum order of 100h for a fixed project or 40h/month for staffing.
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Long term

Consulting per day

In need of expertise or assistance on a one-off or occasional basis? An outside perspective, or help with a more challenging technical problem your team struggles with? We offer simple day contracts to fit your needs.


€800 for a full working day (8h). €500 for a half day (4h) which is the minimum. Extra hours invoiced pro rata.
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